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15 February 2009

Locoroco [PSP]

Locoroco tells the emotional and heartbreaking story of how the Locoroco’s home planet was invaded by the evil Mojas. To be honest the story doesn’t really matter here sadly but I’m sure it could pick up an Oscar for best use of penguins.

Looks wise it is a very colourful and pretty game. Levels always look varied and vibrant. It’s not "may I do dirty things to you?" pretty, but it’s certainly good looking.

The music is a key factor to the game. You may either find it cute or extremely annoying and will want to kill those little bastards. I personally found almost all of the songs very catchy and adorable.

Using the R and L buttons you are able to tilt the Locoroco left or right, and pressing them both at the same time makes your Locoroco jump. If you eat flowers, then your Locoroco gains another Locoroco and gets bigger. You can also split your Locoroco into smaller ones so that you can go through gaps and such. If you find Mui Muis, who are the Locoroco’s friends, they will give you parts of the Locoroco house, where you could create a house for your Locoroco I guess. I didn’t really see much point to it.

It’s a very easy game to complete but incredibly difficult to find every last collectible. It’s good, decent fun. It’s not engrossing or epic. It’s just a good platformer with a few good ideas. It only has 5 worlds and is over pretty quickly, unless you want to collect every last thing.

Overall I would give Locoroco a 7 out of 10. It’s a pretty innovative and memorable platformer. My only real gripe with the game is that it is way too short and way too easy.

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