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08 July 2010

No More Heroes [Wii]

No More Heroes follows the adventures of Travis Touchdown, a horny otaku that loves Japanese anime and pro wrestling. His world is turned upside down when he meets the seductive Sylvia, who makes him an assassin. Travis must fight his way to the top to be number 1. Why? Because he wants to do Sylvia.

The game mostly contains mostly combat with some mini games like rescuing up stray cats, filling up car tanks with petrol and mowing other people's grass. Travis does these things so he can earn money to buy upgrades for his weapon, the beam katana. He can also buy new clothes and buy pro wrestling videos.

Travis must also make his way up the assassin's leaderboard to be number one. First he must make a payment to the Assassin's League so he can fight in the rank fights. These rank fights are basically bosses, and are the best parts of the game. Each boss is very unique and are all very challenging.

Trying to make enough money for that new pair of jeans, or for the next rank fight is where NHM is a little bit weak. The assassin jobs you do are basically combat missions. The combat is excellent, but it does get quite repetitive. For me the repetitive nature of earning money isn't such a big deal because of the game's charm. It is a very funny game, that references many different series, such as Star Wars and Duke Nukem. Infact the whole game is basically taking the piss out of every movie/tv series/game with a serious plotline simply with it's rather silly and hilarious method of telling a story.

While some of the game lacks polish, No More Heroes sheer style and silliness crushes it's minor flaws with a swift beam katana to the back.

Stiener gives this 9 out of 10 THATS!

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